Global EdTech Trialing Network

Tenets & Principles of EdTech Trialing Networks & Environments within the US

The Global Edtech Testbed Network is a collaborative effort initiated by Jacobs Foundation to advance best practices in the field of Edtech co-development and evaluation through “testbeds” or authentic school environments in which to trial emerging education technologies. 

The Jacobs Foundation is a charitable foundation based in Switzerland, established in 1989 by Klaus J. Jacobs and his family.



The survey is open until January 31 2025. It aims to gather and synthesise a wide knowledge base of globally diverse EdTech testbed opportunities, experiences, structures, resources, funding mechanisms alongside the associated successes and challenges.

FEB 28 – MAR 3 2023

Inaugural GETN Forum, Rome 2023

The GETN 2023 Forum was an opportunity to gather a group of EdTech researchers, philanthropic organisations, EdTech founders, Civil Society Organisations, for- and non-profit organisations, policy leaders and practitioners to synthesise existing models for system-wide EdTech Testbeds in high, medium and low resource contexts.

As a continuation of the forum, the network is collaborating through its events and task groups to develop and share resources that support testbed design, implementation and evaluation as a global good.

GETN Partner Organisations

The Jacobs Foundation is one of the world’s leading foundations dedicated to facilitating innovation for children and youth. The Foundation wants to co-create evidence-based ideas for learning, support schools in offering quality education and sharing best practices, and to transform education systems around the world. The Jacobs Foundation’s goal is to provide children and youth with effective knowledge, skills, tools, and equitable opportunities to reach their full learning potential and thrive together.